Network for Education and Research in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in Europe

The traditional field of agricultural engineering is now evolving to biosystems engineering, which is a science-based engineering discipline that integrates engineering science and design with the applied biological, environmental and agricultural sciences. Thus broadening the application of engineering sciences from the agricultural sciences to the biological sciences in general.

In response to this development, ERABΕE-TN (the Thematic Network for Education and Research in Biosystems Engineering in Europe) was established. ERABEE-TN was co-financed by the European Community in the framework of the Life Long Learning Programme. ERABEE was a follow-up of the University Studies of Agricultural Engineering in Europe Thematic Network (USAEE-TN). ERABEE-TN was funded for three years (October 1st, 2007 to September 30th, 2010). The partnership consisted of 35 participants from 27 Erasmus countries, of which 33 come from the European Higher Education Area institutions and two were student associations.

The transition from the traditional field of agricultural engineering to the emerging field of biosystems engineering will directly affect the programmes of study as a result of redefining the student learning outcomes and desired competences. The project promoted the development of new biosystems engineering programs of studies in Europe to catch up with the corresponding developments already at an advanced stage in the USA and Canada. The revised curriculum will directly and indirectly support industry seeking specialised experts to provide high level knowledge in the broader area of biosystems engineering.

The major achievements of ERABEE are:

  • Promoted the critical transition from the traditional discipline of Agricultural Engineering to the emerging discipline of Biosystems Engineering
  • Exploited along this direction the outcomes accomplished by the USAEE-TN (EU funded predecessor)
  • Promoted synergies between Education and Research: Promoted the structured 3rd cycle programs of studies, also establishing linkage between education and research at all three cycles
  • Enhanced the compatibility among the new programs of Biosystems Engineering in EU, aiding their recognition and accreditation at European and International level
  • Facilitated greater mobility of skilled personnel, researchers and students in the broader field of Biosystems Engineering

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