ICA's Strategy towards 2030

ICA's Vission

High quality, visible and appreciated European life science universities that jointly play an essential role in transitioning to a European and global sustainable bioeconomy and society.

Our Mission

ICA’s mission: to strengthen and promote European life science universities by
1. supporting and enhancing their education, research and innovation on sustainable bioeconomy and society;
2. providing them with platforms for cooperation, joint learning, and for sharing experiences and understanding;
3. representing and engaging its members with European institutions and networks;
4. making the knowledge and experts of member institutions available for transitioning to a sustainable bioeconomy and society across Europe and globally.

ICA's Essentials

In implementing the vison and mission ICA needs to fulfil seven essentials:
1. The active engagement of ICA members and their scientist to benefit from and contribute to ICA’s role in Europe and globally;
2. Maintaining intensive relations with actors in the European arena of science, policy, society and business;
3. The provision of thought leadership in the domain of the European sustainable bioeconomy;
4. A proactive public affairs policy presence in (social) media and in European and EU networks;
5. An effective governance system with a well-resourced and competent secretariat;
6. Strong concerted actions between the ICA Board, the ICA Board Committees, and the ICA Standing Committees;
7. Adequate funding and resources to achieve these essentials.

While all these elements are essential in ICA’s Strategy towards 2030, they cannot all be addressed fully at the same time. Below the focus is on a number of the most pressing measures that are needed, as first and conditional steps.

Download the ICA Strategy towards 2030 apporved at the ICA General Assembly October 20 2021

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