ICA’s conferences for faculty, researchers, university leaders and administrators serve as a forum to discuss innovative practice and concerns, and act as a clearinghouse for information exchange and updates on strategic issues. Thus the conferences enhance networking in the life sciences to share expertise and understanding. In doing so ICA conferences support the establishment of communities of practice in which the members build confidence in each others capabilities leading to new initiatives.

These conferences and workshops are regularly organised in association with either ICA Standing Committees or international networks, in particular the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) in the US and the Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CFAVM).  See the past conferences.

The APLU-ICA (previous to 2009 ICA-NASULGC) Conferences have been held between 2005 and 2012 alternately focusing on education and research issues with the objective of developing a transatlantic dialogue. The research, development and outreach focused conferences are designed to address topics in the field of the applied life sciences where there is mutual concern for improved understanding, or the resolution of disagreement in approaches on either side of the Atlantic.