The ICA Board has two Committees

The ICA Board Committees support focused activities relating to the aims of ICA which are to enhance our members’ success in the international market place, in Europe and globally, by providing a supportive environment to share experience, to cooperate in new ventures, and to benefit from the resulting synergy.

The Chair of each Board Committee is ex-officio a member of the ICA Board.  Each ICA Member is invited to nominate a person to represent them on both Committees.  These representatives are invited to encourage staff in their institution to participate in the activities of the Board Committees. The Executive Committee of each Board Committee is elected by these representatives.

ICA Network for Innovation in Life Sciences Higher Education (ICA-Edu)

This Network was previously the European Conference of Higher Agricultural Education (ECAHE).  ECHAE established a successful series of biennial conferences, which were initiated by Wageningen Agricultural University in 1992.  ECHAE became a standing committee of ICA in 2001.  ICA-Edu was formally launched at the ICA Week of Conferences 2012 in Bozen-Bolzano. ICa-Edu became a Committee of the ICA Board in 2017. See more

ICA Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education (ICA CoP Bio-Edu)

The Community of Practice was estblished by a Working Group in 2019.  The ICA Board at its meeting on 21 October 2020 approved the proposal of the recently established Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education (CoP Bio-Edu) to become a Committee of the ICA Board.